Surveillance and security
Several methods are used to secure warehouses and monitor the comings and goings of customers, for example the presence of a guard at the scene like the one at jefferson city self storage, a video surveillance in hallways and parking, an automatic lighting system and the presence intercoms in hallways to communicate with staff. Facilities with indoor access generally have an alarm system for the building, and some have motion detectors to identify customers who may be tempted to stay on the premises after closing hours. In some cases, the door of each room has its own alarm system.

Moreover, most mini-warehouses have a paper record that must sign arriving and leaving, but this control is not infallible. Some marts use an automated registry system with a magnetic card allowing access only to the floor of the rented premises, the card records the time at which it opens or closes the door to the room, and she notes the time at which it leaves the warehouse.
The lock means

Many companies require their customers to provide their own locks, others call a cylinder lock and key (replaced each new customer), while others provide a magnetic key. Some locks are created especially for the customer to add their own padlock to lock already provided by the company.